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The Mahendra Institute of Alternative Medicine is a major educational institute, featuring a superior standard of training programmes, through regular instructional classes as well as via distance learning system, in a variety of alternative therapies. Mahendra Institute of Alternative Medicine offers various diploma, bachelor, post graduate and doctoral programmes on Acupressur , Acupuncture, Mudra Theraphy, Naturopathy, Aroma Therapy, Physiotherapy, Auto Suggestion, Aotu- Urin Therapy, Past life Therapy, Astro Therapy, Bach FlowerTherapy , Pranic Healing, Reiki Therapy, Vastu Therapy , Spiritual Healing , Sound Theraphy, Counseling Theraphy, Tibetan Medicine , Telepathy, Dowsing, Vastu Chikitsa (Astro Architecture), Diet Therapy, Electrotheraphy, Voice Theraphy, Electro Homoeopathy , Wheat-Grass Theraphy , Mind power Theraphy , Astro -- Gem Theraphy , Yoga Theraphy, Herbalism , Hypnotheraphy , Color Theraphy, Indo Allopathy , Holistic Nursing, Laughter Theraphy, Massage Theraphy , Nutritional Theraphy , Music Theraphy , Meditation , Biochemic Medicine , Magneto Theraphy,Tarot Reading E.T.C. Alternative Theraphy.


Director: Dr. MK Bhati