It might not be an exaggeration to say that in spite of the constant improvement of traditional western medication, economical and effective medical care is still above the reach of large sections of the global population, specifically people living in third world. Two or three decades ago, it was commonly assumed by the medical community that herbal plants, homoeopathic dosages, acupuncture needles, yoga exercises, etc, could be safely relegated to a maximum of a footnote of health care history. However, that assumption has ended up being quite a premature one. Throughout the last two decades, the upsurge in medicinal herbalism, traditional chinese medicine, and yoga therapy, etc. around the world has been unparalleled. This outstanding recognition has resulted in a global awareness on the richness and significance about this subject. It is to compliment this attention andthe requirement for qualified professionals in the discipline of alternative medicines that the International Centre for Holistic Healing and Allied Research provides several different courses in complementary and alternative medicines.

The Mahendra Institute of Alternative Medicineis a major educational institute, featuring a superior standard of training programmes, through regular instructional classes as well as via distance learning system, in a variety of alternative therapies. Mahendra Institute of Alternative Medicine offers various diploma, bachelor, post graduate and doctoral programmes on Naturopathy, Astrology,vastu,Herbal Medicines, Yoga, Acupuncture, Acupressure, Aromatherapy, Biochemic Medicines, Reiki, Magneto therapy, Bach Flower Remedies, Hypnotherapy, Chiropractic, Kinesiology, Reflexology, Iridology, Osteopathy, etc. which are pursued in rising number by learners coming from throughout the nation and worldwide.

The curriculum of the different courses of the institute are according to the standard of and based on the curriculum recommended by several national and global academies and institutions of repute. The instruction manuals supplied by the institute are developed in very simple and lucid style to enable them to be followed by beginners as well as seasoned practitioners.

Each and every course offered by the institute has been proven extremely beneficial for everyone in their day to day lives. These courses help anyone to maintain his / her health and cut down medical expenses by using straightforward and affordable methods and remedies.

Through its courses, the institute offers an individual the ability to earn whilst helping ailing mankind employing harmless and economical approaches of curing. Several of its courses are considered as a perfect springboard to the world of complementary and alternative medicines making it possible for you to definitely become a dynamic participant in its advancement and expansion. Furthermore, physicians of traditional medicines can easily complement as well as increase their expertise through the study of various alternative systems of medicine, and that is what precisely these courses offer. Through the accurate and careful integration of alternative therapies, they might get far better results and break the restrictions enforced by any single or particular therapy.

Our institute places equal focus on its distance learning courses the way it does on its regular courses. Distance learning enables learners coming from across the world to follow our programmes as well as acquire well-accepted qualification on its successful completion. Additionally, learning by way of Distance Education system has its unique benefits, specifically for professional or individuals with some other preoccupations, since the learners can easily study at their very own pace as well as in their unique environment, therefore making it an extremely hassle-free procedure.

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The legality, Validity & Utility of the training courses, practice and research in the field of Alternative Systems of Medicines are in strict conformity with the Constitution of India and laws of the land under Article 19(1) G

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